The Ordination and its Significance

The Rite of Ordination of a Bishop and its meaning

What is a Bishop?

A definition and meaning

Bishop Mark O’Connell, JCD

Brief biographical information on Bishop Mark O’Connell, JCD

Bishop Robert P. Reed

Brief biographical information on Bishop Robert P. Reed

Coats of Arms

A coat of arms for a Bishop typically represents both the family shield and his principal works and ideals. Here you will find the Coats of Arms designed for Bishop Mark O’Connell and Bishop Robert P. Reed.

Protocol for Clergy

Information for priests who wish to concelebrate the Mass of Ordination and Deacons who wish to vest and be part of the procession.

Press Coverage

Media inquiries as well as updated information about print and television coverage.

Official Portraits

View and download portraits of the new bishops

Contact Information

Where to write/call for more information or if you have a question about the Ordination.